Principal's Message

Warm greetings to you all!

For St. Magdalene of Canossa (Foundress of the Congregation of Canossian Daughters of Charity) education as the promotion of “women” of every age, was the most urgent response to the spiritual and social needs of her time. Her intuition was that education is an act of love; further Magdalene continues, ‘the entire task of education, in fact, is seen as a constant attitude of self-giving. Every simple gesture, word or look is an act of genuine love for the total growth of the persons in all her richness’. Hence this great visionary was of the opinion that ‘real education is forming the hearts of the youth thus preventing evil in society’.

It is this sort of education that St. Anthony’s Convent Girls’ Inter College (SAC), Prayagraj is striving to reach. SAC holds a legacy for nearly 100 years for its academic as well as co-curricular activities.

The seed was sown in 1923; progressively grown and spread its branches to shelter many young, blooming scholars. These energetic, young girls emerge from every strata of the society belonging to various creed, language and culture. However, within the campus all are one: loving, nurturing and encouraging one another.

There is indeed a pushing force behind everyone’s success; the caring and affectionate hands of the competent and efficient teachers make the lives of the students into full blossom. Being a true mentor and guide they prepare them to be great, worthy Nation Builders in order to face the world with valour.

I would like to conclude with a thought from St. Magdalene; ‘The school entails many sacrifices but is an expression of love that gives greater glory to God than any other type of service. In the school a person is helped to develop all her natural giftedness to which is added that supernatural gift of divine adoption.

God bless each one of you.



Sr. Mary Basella