“Leaders are the role models and the pathfinders who inspire and motivate the followers to reach the target of success." 
Investiture ceremony is one of the most important events in a school. It is here that we place our trust and hope in the school cabinet.  On 19th May, 2022 our  School cabinet was formed. Divyanshi Srivastava was named School Captain. Along with her, many other captains too took oath. Each Captain was honoured with the badge and sash, as they took the oath to do their duties with loyalty  and sincerity for the smooth running of the school. Our respected Principal Sister, Rev. Sr. Bessie congratulated them and encouraged them to put in honest efforts for every endeavour and to become light bearers for others.

The following students were incorporated into the School Cabinet.

  1. College Captain                         - Divyanshi  Srivastava
  2. Cultural Captain                          - Sarvi Tiwari
  3. Blue House Captain                    - Priyanshi Singh
  4. Green House Captain                 - Sukriti  Srivastava
  5. Read House Captain                   - Archana Gupta
  6. Yellow House Captain                 - Anvi Singh
  7. JPIC Captain                               - Shailvi Kushwaha
  8. Canossa club Captain                 - Anushka Kesari
  9. USM Captain                               - Aadhya Singh
  10. Sports Captain                             - Anjani Sukla
  11.  Literary Captain                          - Manya Srivastava
  12. Commerce Captain                     - Stuti Mishra
  13. Science Captain                          - Shazman Yusuf
  14. Discipline Captain                       - Aayushi
  15. Discipline Captain                       - Astha Pandey I
  16. Discipline Captain                       - Astha Pandey II
  17. Discipline Captain                       - Anusha Singh
  18. Discipline Captain                       - Vanshika Sharma
  19. Discipline Captain                       - Shagun Tripathi

Hearty Congratulations to all the Office Bearers and best wishes for dedicated services.